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Raised in Texas. Stanford Educated. Now an Idaho Hillbilly. Mean Wife. 3 Boys/clones. In-laws across street. 1 fat dog. 1 assassin cat.

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Real Bio:

Duke Diercks was raised in Houston, Texas. After years of living in a swamp, and successfully sleeping his way into Stanford, he barely graduated and he and his new, delusional wife hopped around the Bay Area for a number of years before saying F*&! it and moved to Austin, Texas.

Not realizing that Austin was in fact, HOT, they uprooted their 3 small boys and on a whim moved to Sandpoint, Idaho in search of The American Dream  babysitters.  Small Town Ho is the story of relocating to a small town, raising animals and pets, holding odd jobs and what they discovered about their town and themselves.

Read about Their Family. Fell Better About Yours.

Previous Interview Questions:
Why did you write Small Town Ho?


The short answer is that I was stalked by an old college friend.  Well, may stalked is too strong a word: encouraged every year by phone.  You see, for years I wrote a Christmas Letter- except ours was completely unvarnished and usually (hopefully) funny.  This friend of mine loved the letter and called me every year at Christmas time to encourage me to write a book.


Are the stories in Small Town Ho true?


Yep.  Well- I’d say 99%.  The only things I changed were bits of dialogue since I didn’t have a tape recorder back then.  Also, I changed names and character and location descriptions to protect the guilty, and innocent.  But the stories- as weird as they are- are true.


So there were really kids who tried to escape the school where you worked?


You bet.  At least three while I was there.  But the maintenance guys- who I call Butch and the Hole in the Wall Gang- caught them pretty quickly.


And K-PAX is a real?


Yes.  And his twin.  I see him twice a week.  And yes,  they do believe they are aliens.  One is alien royalty after all.


How long did it take to write Small Town Ho and did you have any training?


Training?  God no.  In college, I used to check to see if a class had a paper as a requirement.  If it did, I didn’t take that class.  The book took about three years of extremely sporadic writing. so in real time?  Maybe six months?


Any plans for another book?


Well, never say never.  My fan is encouraging me to keep writing.  Everyone else says stop! But yeah- it’s pretty rewarding, and like everyone I’ve got a family that can give me oodles of material!


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